Lamborghini's New Sustainable Corporate Look

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Lamborghini has unveiled a sustainable take on its iconic logo, marking the brand's first update in over two decades.

This change reflects a broader company shift, aligning their visual identity with their core values: bravery, unexpected, and authenticity. The "Driving Humans Beyond" motto embodies this spirit, pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations.

This evolution ties into the Direzione Cor Tauri strategy, Lamborghini's roadmap for a sustainable future. The goal is to forge a strong connection with future generations, inspiring a path towards progress that respects the environment.

The new logo features a bolder typeface, reflecting the sleek lines of their cars. Black and white remain the primary colours, representing Lamborghini's everlasting identity. A touch of yellow and a new gold accent add a dash of vibrancy. The iconic bull, the brand's centrepiece, also gets a makeover. For the first time, it can appear independently on digital platforms, standing out even stronger.

The changes go further, with the creation of a custom Lamborghini typeface. Inspired by the angular shapes of their cars, this font will be used throughout all company communications. A new set of icons, developed in collaboration with Lamborghini Centro Stile, brings a unified look to their digital presence.

In a dynamic world, Lamborghini embraces change with a logo that reflects innovation and resolve. This strategic move complements the Direzione Cor Tauri programme, marking a new era for the legendary brand.

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Source: Lamborghini


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