Konstantin Popović Announces Singapore Sustainability Consultancy

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Konstantin Popović, an advertising executive, has established a sustainability consultancy in Singapore.

The company is called Impact3P, and it offers consulting services like carbon accounting, sustainable finance, environment, social, and governance (ESG) reporting, waste auditing, and coaching for climate anxiety.

The launch is a big change for the executive, who was born in Serbia and has worked in advertising for 30 years. He's worked for BBDO in Germany and New York, Publicis in New York, and, most recently, Grey Singapore, where he has worked since 2015, latterly as chief executive.

Popović founded Sustainably Grey, a unit of Grey Singapore that works with governments, civic organisations, and corporations to raise climate change awareness and action, establish internal movements, and launch new sustainable brands.

Climate has become a mainstream business for consultancies in recent years. Firms that have adopted sustainability goals have caused large consulting firms to establish separate verticals for their practice; more specialised firms are also being established.

Popović's main goal in changing careers was to influence change rather than increase brand sales. "I simply want to have a greater influence than corporate profits," he explained.

Popović noted that for the corporate world to join the climate movement, business executives must be shown how to balance their influence on people, planet, and profit—hence the three Ps in the name of his consultancy.

“Waste, for example, is largely an inefficiency, and by reducing waste, organisations can save costs while also contributing to more than one Sustainable Development Goal. My main entry point is not reporting, i.e. what must we disclose, but rather impact, as in what SDGs are we best suited to contribute to, while also furthering our business goals,” he said.

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