Inspire Group's Sustainable Holiday Booking Platform

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Cheshire-based tour operator Inspire Group has taken a bold step towards promoting greener holidays by launching a new website and booking platform.

The recently unveiled Sustainable Travel by Inspire website offers customers a selection of up to 5,000 hotels, all of which adhere to the rigorous standards set by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, an international authority on sustainable tourism certifications.

The website goes beyond traditional booking platforms by empowering customers to offset their carbon footprint and providing valuable tips on sustainable travel practices.

"We have invested in the development of this website, where only content endorsed by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council is featured. A rigorous process ensures that all products showcased on the website are eco-friendly," said Lisa Henning, managing director of Inspire Group.

She further emphasised that this website marks its initial foray into sustainability, with plans to continually expand it with enriching content, testimonials, and stories that promote eco-environmental awareness during travel.

In addition to the website, Inspire Group has introduced a sustainable gift card, enabling customers to book consciously when planning their holidays.

The Inspire Sustainable Travel Gift Card serves as a valuable tool for companies seeking to support their environmental strategies, as it guarantees that employees can only utilise it for sustainable travel options.

With these innovative initiatives, Inspire Group is firmly establishing itself as a champion of sustainability within the travel industry, fostering a greener future for holidaymakers and encouraging responsible travel choices.

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