Indo-MIM Fulfills Near-Zero Commitment

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by KnowESG

Indo-MIM is a global manufacturer of components using Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) technology based in Bangalore, India. The company has announced that it has achieved a near-zero carbon footprint and is working towards becoming a zero-carbon company by 2026.

Indo-MIM has achieved a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, with a 95% decrease since it began its sustainability efforts in FY18. This resulted in a reported reduction of 4,920 tonnes of CO2 in FY22.

The company is committed to sustainable development and has incorporated the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations into its business operations and discussions with its stakeholders.

It also revised its sustainable green supply chain management and procurement policy in FY22 to improve sustainability performance and minimise environmental, social, and financial risks in its supply chain.

As part of its net-zero journey, Indo-MIM’s sustainability embraces the following principles:

  • Using sustainable energy resources

  • Adopting the principles of Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recovery (5R)

  • Encouraging the implementation of sustainability initiatives

  • Contribution to organisations devoted to eradicating hunger, poverty & malnutrition, promoting preventative health care, sanitation, and provision of safe water

  • Promotion of education

  • Promoting gender equality

  • Increasing green belt protections and conservation of natural resources

  • Creating awareness of UN Sustainability goals and climate change issues

Indo-MIM aims to be a zero-carbon company by 2026 on Scope I, II, and III.

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Source: PIM