India ion Highly Vulnerable Climate Change List Among Other Countries

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by KnowESG

According to the U.S. intelligence agencies, India is highly vulnerable to climate change. The other countries singled out by the intelligence agencies as particular "countries of concern" include Pakistan, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Iraq, North Korea, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua and Colombia.

The Office of Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) says global warming will heighten geopolitical tensions and increase risks to the U.S. national security up until 2040.

It is horrifying in Afghanistan with heat, drought, water availability and the Taliban ruling bleeding the country financially and economically.

The additional areas of worry for US intelligence services are identified in the study. In Central African countries and small island governments in the Pacific, climate change is "likely to increase the risk of instability." These countries and governments make up two of the world's most vulnerable places.

According to the paper, countries that rely on fossil fuel exports to fund their economies "will continue to reject a speedy transition to a zero-carbon world because they fear the economic, political, and geopolitical risks of doing so."

The prospect of increased strategic competition over the Arctic is also mentioned in the report. It adds that "as the region becomes more accessible due to warmer temperatures and decreasing ice," both Arctic and non-Arctic states "will almost definitely intensify their competing activities."

There will be a lot of international competition in the Arctic, but it will mostly be economic, according to the report. By 2040, there will be more commercial and military activity, and the risk of miscalculation will rise a little.


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