INDEVCO Assists Clients in Achieving United Nations SDG

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INDEVCO Consultancy provides consulting services aimed at helping businesses achieve business excellence, including sustainability strategy and governance. Consultancy Middle East spoke with sustainability practice leader Gacia Apikian to discuss how the firm is assisting businesses in setting sustainability and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as key corporate priorities.

The consultancy pillar of international manufacturing group INDEVCO, Lebanon-based INDEVCO Consultancy, works with enterprises across the Middle East on topics spanning operational excellence, commercial optimisation, risk management, and people & culture.

But with the UN SDGs driving global, governmental, and business goals globally and across the region, the firm’s clients are more than ever turning to the consultancy firm for help greening their thinking and operations.

“Businesses, brands, and products that are unable to keep up and step up are disappearing, and new sustainable alternatives are popping up to take the limelight,” explains Apikian. “At INDEVCO, we firmly believe in the role the private sector must play to reduce its negative impacts on the environment while increasing its positive contributions to the economy, society, and environment.”

"The main goal of our Sustainability Strategy & Governance practice is to help clients make profit with a purpose by creating business value and long-term growth while ensuring that future generations' needs are met."

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Apikian currently leads the practice, a role she holds alongside her role as Global Communications and Sustainability Manager at INDEVCO. She joined the firm 12 years ago and has, over this period, seen the group and consulting division come a long way in the field, culminating in award-winning status.

The SDG Milestones Award recognises businesses that are setting their nations and surroundings on a more sustainable path. In 2019, the competition recognised INDEVCO for its sustainable achievements in Lebanon toward the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 12—Responsible Consumption and Production.

At the same, Apikian was lauded for her role in the recognition, making a shortlist of four finalists for the Young SDG Pioneers Lebanon prize. The nomination noted her efforts in advancing sustainability through the implementation and integration of the Sustainable Development Goals into INDEVCO’s operations.

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