IATA Unveils Method for Industry Emission Tracking

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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) plans to publish an annual Track Zero report, utilising its Net Zero Tracking Methodology, to provide updates on the aviation industry's progress in achieving its commitment to Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Developed in collaboration with industry experts, the Net Zero Tracking Methodology and its associated reporting process will gather inputs from IATA member airlines on an industry-wide basis.

The data will undergo thorough validation, and the aggregated industry data from the previous calendar year will be disclosed annually in the fourth quarter, starting with the inaugural report scheduled for publication in Q4 2024. Non-IATA member airlines are also encouraged to contribute data and participate in this reporting initiative.

Marie Owens Thomsen, IATA's Senior Vice President of Sustainability and Chief Economist, emphasised the importance of transparency in aviation's decarbonisation efforts. The Track Zero report, containing industry-level data, will assist airlines, governments, and investors in making informed decisions to expedite progress towards Net Zero goals.

Furthermore, individual airlines can utilise the aggregated data from the Track Zero report to assess their own advancements in decarbonisation. They can also choose to disclose their progress to key stakeholders, including governments, investors, and customers, using IATA's Net Zero Tracking Methodology.

Owens Thomsen emphasised that decarbonisation is a collective challenge for the industry and not a matter of competition. Nonetheless, the report and its underlying methodology can facilitate benchmarking, fostering intensified efforts in decarbonisation by promoting best practices and inspiring innovation.

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Source: IATA


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