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The International Air Transport Association (IATA) and ATPCO have joined forces in an exciting partnership, with ATPCO incorporating IATA's CO2 Connect data into its Routehappy API offering.

Routehappy is an API that provides airlines and sales channels with detailed information about onboard amenities, such as seat features, Wi-Fi availability, power outlets, and entertainment options, allowing consumers to make informed choices when booking flights.

As part of this collaboration, ATPCO plans to introduce a new feature called "Amenity" that will leverage IATA CO2 Connect data. This addition will enable shoppers to understand the carbon footprint associated with different itinerary options, empowering them to make more environmentally conscious travel decisions.

The agreement between IATA and ATPCO was signed during IATA's 79th Annual General Meeting, with Willie Walsh, IATA's Director General, and Alex Zoghlin, President and CEO of ATPCO, leading the way.

Walsh emphasised the importance of providing travellers with consistent, transparent, and trustworthy information about the environmental impact of their flights. He praised IATA CO2 Connect as the most accurate tool for this purpose and highlighted the value it will bring to ATPCO customers in making informed travel choices.

Zoghlin expressed his enthusiasm for integrating IATA's CO2 Connect data into ATPCO's Routehappy platform, which has long been a go-to resource for airline merchandising data. By offering carbon emissions information, ATPCO aims to provide even greater value to its airline and channel partners, as well as consumers. Zoghlin noted the growing interest among passengers, corporate travellers, travel management companies, and travel agents in accessing carbon emissions data to compare flights and make more sustainable choices.

This partnership addresses a significant consumer concern. Numerous studies have demonstrated that consumers and corporate travellers are keen to access carbon emissions data and that this information can influence their purchasing decisions. Recent surveys by IATA and ATPCO support this notion, revealing that a large majority of travellers believe it is their responsibility to know the carbon emissions associated with their flights and that carbon emissions rank as a top factor in future travel decisions.

The collaboration between IATA and ATPCO not only enriches the flight booking experience but also highlights the industry's commitment to sustainability. By integrating carbon emissions data, travellers will have the information they need to align their travel choices with their environmental values, ultimately driving demand for more sustainable air travel options.

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