HLP Klearfold's Guide Helps Businesses in UK Handle Plastic Packaging Tax

Published on: 04 March 2022
by KnowESG
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A Brief Summary

The technology leader in printed plastic packaging, HLP Klearfold, recently introduced a guide that helps businesses in the UK prepare policies and understand how a new plastic packaging tax coming in the UK impacts their operations.

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The tax will go into effect from April 1 and cover the plastic packaging that has been manufactured within or imported to the UK and should not contain at least 30 per cent recycled plastic.

The guide explains how the new tax system will impact businesses by breaking the information into sections. It also provides information on why the tax system is being implemented, how to estimate the recycled content of plastic packaging, who need to pay the tax and what types of businesses have to report to the government.

The Waste and Resources Action Programme said the UK's 70 per cent of plastic waste comes from packaging. Tax on plastic packaging in the UK, for the first time, was introduced in 2017 and passed in 2021.

The objective is to bring about a change in the packaging processes involved in the businesses at present. Then encourage them to shift to a sustainable packaging method and increase demand for recycled materials.

Regulators are tightening the rules regarding plastic waste owing to its impact on nature and human lives. Meanwhile, companies across several industries are increasingly attempting to make sustainable changes in their operations. This week, the UN aimed to eliminate plastic waste.

The company said it came up with the guide because more than 67 per cent of internet searches are related to plastic tax. In the meantime, companies are also frequently asking how the tax affects them.

The company expects that the guide will assist businesses in improving their recycled plastic manufacturing and becoming more environmentally friendly. HLP Klearfold creates packaging that is 100 per cent recyclable and manufactured from 100% recycled consumer waste.