Guidehouse Forms Consortium and Aims for Clean Hydrogen

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A Brief Summary

Guidehouse has recently formed a consortium of businesses called Building the Clean Hydrogen Economy to drive forward initiatives such as decarbonizing heavy transport, incorporating renewable energy and decreasing carbon emissions.

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There are three pilot programs on which the group is currently conceptualizing. The first one is heavy-duty transport in the southwest of the US, secondly, green ammonia production in New York, and finally, an integrated blue and green hydrogen for industrial, power and heavy transport in the gulf coast region.

Technical and commercial viability, environmental benefits, scalability and support from local, state and federal levels are all considered while evaluating the projects. The group will focus on projects that aim for decarbonization across the US.

The consortium includes more than 20 institutions, including Ameresco, New York Power Authority, Constellation and Walmart.

Hydrogen will help heavy industries such as steel and transportation reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance energy efficiency.

Angeles link, unveiled by SoCalGas, is considered the largest green hydrogen energy infrastructure in Southern California, which will boost the demand for clean energy sources and have technology like the hydrogen fuel cell market expected to hit nearly $30 a billion by 2028.

Groups such as the Green Hydrogen Catapult also advocated for the implementation of green hydrogen. The Department of Energy's Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office said it is committed to clean fuel cost-effectiveness and wants technologies to produce hydrogen at $2 a kilo by 2025 and $1 a kilo by 2030.

“The development of the clean hydrogen market is an area of need that our consortium fully understands,” says Lisa Frantzis, partner at Guidehouse. “Through these pilot programs, we hope to decarbonize some of our country’s most challenging industries and collaborate with top minds from global and regional organizations to drive clean energy measures in communities across the country and unlock hydrogen’s full potential.”


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