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Picture of Givaudan and LanzaTechs Announcement of Partnership to Create Sustainable Fragrance

Givaudan, a global fragrance and beauty market leader, and LanzaTech NZ, Inc., an innovative Carbon Capture and Transformation (CCT) firm, have collaborated to generate sustainable fragrance ingredients from renewable carbon.

Renewable carbon is carbon that can be used instead of or in place of additional fossil carbon. Carbon from CO2 and recycling carbon are two examples. 

LanzaTech's technology is already being used by several commercial facilities to turn waste carbon sources, like industrial emissions in China, into ethanol. It is made possible by industrial biology and a special biocatalyst. 

LanzaTech's approach to transforming carbon is to bring renewable carbon into people's lives by turning emissions into ethanol and then turning it into the building blocks needed to make a wide range of consumer goods, such as laundry detergent, clothing, shoes, and food packaging. 

The company has been doing this for more than 15 years. LanzaTech can also add new pathways to their biocatalyst to make a wide range of chemicals through this process, thanks to their skills in synthetic biology and modelling.

The research partnership with Givaudan is expected to use this synthetic biology skill and go beyond the production of ethanol. The two companies will work together to find new ways to get key fragrance ingredients used across the Givaudan portfolio. By searching for new opportunities to bring new perfumery materials to life, the companies hope to use sustainable methods to keep serving customers by expanding the perfumery palette and being good for the planet as well.

Jeremy Compton, Global Head of Science and Technology for Fragrances at Givaudan, said: 

“We are very excited about this strategic collaboration with LanzaTech, a much-respected sustainable materials company that has an impressive heritage and a state-of-the-art research platform in renewable carbon solutions. Our purpose of ‘creating for healthier, happier lives with love for nature’ fully aligns with the aspiration of our two companies to develop products that support us in being carbon neutral in the future. Together, we have the potential to grow with our respective businesses while increasing our positive impact on the world with products consumers feel good about and that preserve our planet.”

Jennifer Holmgren, CEO of LanzaTech, said: 

"Givaudan has long been an expert in pairing innovation and technology in the world of fragrance, and we are excited to be working with a company that shares our vision of a post-pollution future. Together, thanks to the power of synthetic biology, we are expanding how we can deliver sustainable solutions to all consumers, giving them a choice as to where their carbon comes from while protecting our planet.”

Both companies have long been members of the Renewable Carbon Initiative, an organisation whose mission is to assist and accelerate the transition of all organic chemicals and materials from fossil carbon to renewable carbon.

Michael Carus, founder of the RCI, said: 

"Industry has to go beyond using renewable energy. All fossil carbon use must end, as the carbon contained in the molecules of chemicals and plastics is destined to end up in the atmosphere sooner or later. Only a full phase-out of fossil carbon will help to prevent a further increase in atmospheric CO2 concentrations.”

Source: Givaudan

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