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FCM Consulting has partnered with CAPA - Centre for Aviation (CAPA) and Envest Global to introduce an innovative solution that enables clients to address their environmental goals in business travel planning.

FCM's team of sustainability experts has developed a groundbreaking service that combines their methodology with insights from the CAPA-Envest Airline Sustainability Benchmarking Report, going beyond traditional CO2e metrics for sustainability calculations.

As the only Global Travel Management Company with access to this valuable data, FCM provides a comprehensive ranking of airlines based on over 10 sustainability parameters, serving as the industry's trusted source of emissions information.

Recognising the growing importance of sustainability, FCM believes in delivering a deeper and more accurate analysis of travel impact with measurable benefits for clients.

FCM's clients can leverage a wider range of sustainability performance indicators for their air travel strategy, enhancing carbon reporting for initiatives like Science Based Targets milestones.

The provided sustainability data allows clients to overlay existing travel policy elements and make informed decisions on a broader strategic level rather than relying on case-by-case calculations.

CAPA and Envest Global, as independent evaluators of airlines' environmental sustainability performance, are delighted to collaborate with FCM to enhance their service offering.

The CAPA-Envest index offers a consistent analysis of airlines' sustainability performance across their network and operations, considering metrics such as passenger CO2e/RPK, passenger CO2e/ASK, passenger load factors, and Sustainable Aviation Fuel utilisation.

The new service from FCM aims to provide transparency and assist clients in choosing airline partners based on sustainability factors, contributing to the industry's net zero emissions goals.

For more details about this new service, please visit Sustainable Business Travel | FCM Travel.

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Source: FCM Consulting


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