Enphase Energy Receives Interconnection Standard to Support DER Resources on Grid

Published on: 24 May 2022 05:08 PM
by KnowESG

Enphase Energy's microinverter solar and battery system received a UL interconnection standard, which will aid in the implementation of advanced features that will assist the grid in accommodating increasing levels of renewable distributed energy resources.

The UL certification, according to the firm, is the first national interconnection standard and will contribute to the development of IEEE regulations for linking solar inverters, energy storage systems, and distributed energy resources (DER).

Interoperability is one of the new capabilities included in the process, which standardises how utilities connect with and regulate DERs like solar and battery systems.

According to Enphase, interoperability is essential for DERs to be updated efficiently to suit changing grid conditions. The Enphase iQ8 Microinverter system was UL certified, and the company claims it was engaged in the creation of the UL and IEEE standards.

A distributed energy resource (DER) is a tiny unit of power generated locally and distributed across a bigger grid. Microgrids, solar and battery systems are examples of DERs, and the energy they create is often consumed close to the source of the DER.

They are yet another component of expanding energy generation and enhancing resiliency in commercial and industrial environments, particularly as the need for greater sustainability and reliability grows. Concerns over power failures in Texas due to excessive electricity demand have heightened the attention to comparable systems, and distributed energy resources (DERs) can assist grid operators in managing energy use during peak times.

Enphase technologies have been used in several resiliency projects, including collaboration with Swell Energy to provide virtual power plants in California, New York, and Hawaii. Enel X's energy installation at Alltown Fresh in Massachusetts is another recent example of a platform that uses similar tools.

States will begin demanding compliance with the criteria as early as June of this year, according to Enphase. The company has sold over 45 million microinverters worldwide and claims that all of its products will be certified to the new requirements.

Source: Environmental Leader