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Lakeland Dairies, a cooperative based in Cavan, has recently unveiled an ambitious cross-business sustainability strategy, joining the ranks of dairy processors committed to environmental responsibility.

With an impressive network of 3,200 farmer suppliers spanning both sides of the border and an annual turnover of €2 billion, Lakeland Dairies aims to make substantial reductions in carbon emissions associated with its operations and milk production.

Their plan includes a commendable 30% reduction in the carbon footprint of milk by the year 2030, along with corresponding emissions cuts at Lakeland sites. By the end of the decade, the cooperative intends to make 100% of its plastic packaging recyclable and compostable. In addition to this, Lakeland Dairies is striving to reduce water usage by 15% and eliminate landfill waste by 2026.

In a bid to encourage environmental stewardship among farmers, Lakeland will also introduce a farm sustainability programme that rewards positive ecological practices on their farms.

The Group Head of Sustainability at Lakeland Dairies, Rory Farrell, emphasises the critical importance of climate action, not only for their business but also as an imperative for their global customer base.

He highlights that Irish dairying, already renowned for its sustainability, boasts one of the world's lowest carbon footprints. For Lakeland Dairies, having a verifiable and credible sustainability strategy is crucial to maintaining their social license to operate.

Niall Matthews, the Chairperson of Lakeland Dairies, further underscores their commitment to emissions reduction. He acknowledges the significant role played by Lakeland Dairies' farm families in combatting climate change and enhancing sustainability credentials.

Their proactive adoption of low-emission slurry spreading technology, efficient nutrient management, utilisation of cutting-edge breeding techniques, and leadership in the adoption of clover grasses and multi-species swards position Lakeland Dairies suppliers to embrace the future with optimism.

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