Crawford & Company Launches New UK Offering

Published on: 30 September 2022
by KnowESG

Claims management giant Crawford & Company has launched “Zero to Landfill,” a UK policy designed to promote sustainable soil management following a polluting incident.

“Organisations must address the standard ‘direct to landfill’ approach for dealing with contaminated soil,” said Crawford’s UK & Ireland sustainability manager Michelle Tucker.

“Through our Zero to Landfill policy, we now offer a programme that can be more cost-effective given landfill taxes and enhances the environmental and sustainability credentials of companies, ultimately supporting efforts to reduce carbon emissions and the wider impacts of climate change.”

The programme, which was developed by the firm’s environmental consultancy team in Britain, is aimed at reducing the reliance on landfills by employing on-site soil treatment whenever possible.

“Effective soil management is a critical component of efforts to reduce climate change and restore degraded soil diversity,” noted Crawford.

“Studies show that over £2 billion per annum is spent by the construction and engineering sectors in the UK alone to dispose of waste soil, much of which is sent to landfills rather than being repurposed.”

Source: Insurance Business

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