Costa Rica's Carbon-Neutral Pineapple

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The Del Monte Zero pineapple, grown solely in Costa Rica by Fresh Del Monte, has attracted attention on a global scale as a finalist for the prestigious World Sustainability Awards 2023, which will take place in Amsterdam in October.

These distinguished awards are bestowed by Sustainability Leaders, a global community intelligence network catering to occupational safety and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) executives. The awards catalyse advancing worldwide sustainability initiatives while also recognising trailblazers and influencers in the realm of sustainability.

Competing within the category of recent launches, the Del Monte Zero brand encompasses products or services introduced within the past year aimed at promptly and positively impacting consumers.

"In late 2022, we unveiled this product, which made its debut in select North American and European markets in early 2023, driven by our strong commitment to raising sustainable awareness among our clientele and motivating them to support ecologically conscious products. The acknowledgement as a contender for this award validates Fresh Del Monte's alignment with our objective," remarks Michael Calderon, spokesperson for Fresh Del Monte.

Introducing the Variety

Del Monte Zero represents Fresh Del Monte's pioneering endeavour as the first certified carbon-neutral pineapple producer. Carbon neutrality denotes achieving equilibrium between emissions produced and affirmative actions like offsetting and minimising carbon footprints, resulting in a net balance of zero.

This exceptional pineapple variety materialised through dedicated efforts primarily focused on enhancing transportation fleets, continuous emissions monitoring, and the absorption, neutralisation, and compensation of emissions stemming from the company's extensive 22,000-acre Costa Rican forest holdings. These lush lands encompass approximately five million trees, which collectively contribute to the achievement of a zero carbon footprint.

External validation for this ecologically sustainable fruit comes courtesy of SCS Global Services, a leading entity specialising in third-party verification, auditing, testing, and standards development.

Distinguishing Del Monte Zero is its comprehensive carbon-neutral approach, extending 'from field to table'. This all-encompassing perspective considers the entire production cycle, offsetting carbon emissions from production through consumption.

"An additional hallmark is its reliance on nature-based solutions, characterised by integration, rather than the customary practice of purchasing carbon credits. To maintain the carbon-neutral certification of Del Monte pineapple crates, a trained cohort of Fresh Del Monte members diligently track and measure the health of these forests, ensuring the perpetual sustainability of this equilibrium," Calderon adds.

Further Accolades

Recent accolades include Fresh Del Monte's reception of the 2023 SEAL Business Sustainability Award in the Environmental Initiative category.

This prestigious accolade commends enterprises and global leaders for their quantifiable contributions to sustainability, applauding innovative undertakings that promise to endure positive impacts on the environment.

The addition of six new fuel-efficient vessels to its ocean fleet and the incorporation of solar and wind energy facilities in California and Costa Rica, respectively, helped Fresh Del Monte achieve a remarkable 22.64% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions across its agricultural value chain.

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