Cognizant® Ocean: Navigating Ocean Challenges

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Cognizant revealed the establishment of a new business division known as Cognizant® Ocean. This dedicated group aims to assist clients within the "Blue Economy" by leveraging digital technologies, including AI and data analytics.

The primary objective is to enhance business outcomes, minimise carbon emissions, and contribute to the decarbonisation of the oceans.

The initiative has set its sights on promoting sustainability, efficiency, and growth in the Blue Economy. This sector encompasses a wide range of industries operating in and around the world's oceans, including shipping, marine transportation, offshore oil and gas, marine renewables, aquaculture, and marine conservation. While these industries are crucial for the global economy, they face significant challenges related to sustainability, environmental impact, and climate change.

With Cognizant Ocean, the company aims to combine its expertise in digital transformation with a deep understanding of the unique dynamics of ocean industries. The goal is to deliver solutions that improve business outcomes and reduce carbon emissions simultaneously. By leveraging their capabilities, clients can enhance their resilience and future-proof their businesses while contributing to solving one of humanity's biggest problems—restoring the health of the oceans.

Cognizant Ocean focuses on four key industries: Blue Carbon, Blue Energy, Blue Transport, and Blue Food.

Blue Carbon focuses on decarbonisation efforts, including reducing greenhouse gas emissions and implementing sustainable practices.

Blue Energy involves harnessing renewable ocean power sources such as offshore wind, tidal energy, and wave energy.

Blue Transport aims to develop efficient and sustainable transportation solutions for maritime and coastal activities. Lastly, Blue Food concentrates on promoting sustainable practices in aquaculture and marine food production.

As part of the introduction of Cognizant Ocean, the company has announced a partnership aimed at accelerating decarbonisation, starting with the Blue Food industry. This collaborative effort underlines their commitment to driving positive change and creating a healthier future for the oceans.

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