CLP's Journey to Net-Zero & Resilient Operations

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Despite economic challenges due to the energy crisis, inflation, and global uncertainties, CLP Group's newly published Sustainability Report and integrated Annual Report offer insights into its sustainable energy investments to create long-term value for stakeholders.

The Sustainability Report and Annual Report for 2022 from CLP give detailed information about the company's investments in renewable energy to create long-term value for its stakeholders.

The company uses a double materiality approach to assess its business sustainability from financial and impact perspectives, with enhanced methodology using the new GRI guidance on material topics. The Sustainability Report covers impact material topics that reflect positive or negative effects on people, the environment, and the economy.

CLP's integrated Annual Report covers financial material topics that may potentially create or erode enterprise value, while the Sustainability Report discusses impact material topics that affect people, the environment, and the economy.

The company uses a double materiality approach to assess its sustainability performance, which was enhanced with new GRI guidance. Additionally, the Climate-related Disclosures Report provides readers with climate-related financial information to address stakeholders' interest in how CLP manages its energy transition in a changing operating climate.

CLP's standalone Climate-related Disclosures Report follows TCFD's four pillars and IFRS S2 requirements. It covers climate change governance, transition and physical risks, energy transition strategy, climate scenario analysis, and implementation of Climate Vision 2050. Access the report on CLP's website.

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