China Reducing CO2 Emissions For The Third Quarter in a Row

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China succeeded in realizing exceptional numbers in terms of CO2 emissions: the numbers have decreased by an estimated 1.4% in the first three months of 2022. This would be the third quarter that the country has recorded such achievements.

According to this report by Carbon Brief, this would be the longest emissions decline in China for at least a decade. 

In the last decade, China saw CO2 emissions levels stagnate or decrease during only two periods: 

  • The construction and industrial recession of 2013-2016 lasted for three years.

  • The COVID-19 lockdowns brought about a sharp, albeit temporary, decrease in emissions in the first quarter of 2020. Right after the end of the lockdown, the government responded to the severe economic shock by implementing programs intended to increase construction, exports, and industrial output. This has resulted in an energy- and carbon-intensive economic rebound.

The fall started in early 2022 due to strict COVID-19 policies along with the real estate recession and increases in clean energy. 

Thermal power generation fell the most in April since December 2015.The dramatic decline was caused by a decline in demand and a rapid increase in renewable energy generation—a combination of solar and wind energy and good hydropower operating conditions.

Cement production also fell by 12%, with steel and cement being China’s second and third largest emitting sectors. Finally, refined oil consumption reached the levels of the initial COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020.

The Chinese government is also promoting a wide range of infrastructure and building projects. Solar PV installations increased by 140 percent year on year in the first four months of 2022.

Central and local governments have ongoing projects concerning wind and solar power installations. If entirely fulfilled, the anticipated renewable energy growth may cover all demand increases over the 2021–2025 timeframe, enabling coal use and emissions to cease before 2025.

Source : CarbonBrief


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