British Airways' Partnership with Chooose Helps Calculate Carbon Emissions

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British Airways is putting out a new version of its climate software that will help both individual and business customers understand, calculate, and deal with their travel-related carbon emissions.

The airline has promised to have net zero carbon emissions by 2050 and has a clear plan of short-, medium-, and long-term ways to get there. These include flying more fuel-efficient planes, funding verified carbon offset projects to reduce emissions on UK domestic flights, investing in the development and scaling up of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and looking at ways to speed up the growth of new technologies like zero-emission hydrogen-powered planes. 

In addition to trying to cut emissions, British Airways is giving its customers the tools they need to make more environmentally friendly travel choices by launching the CO2llaborate programme with climate tech company CHOOOSE.

The airline is putting up two online platforms that will let customers figure out how much carbon they are putting into the air and help them make decisions that are better for the environment when they fly. 

Customers of British Airways have been able to reduce the amount of pollution they cause by flying for a while now. To do this, they can use the airline's carbon offsetting tool to buy high-quality carbon offsets and sustainable aviation fuel. 

CO2llaborate is a new version of this tool for offsetting carbon emissions. It has more accurate calculations for emissions and a new slider that gives customers more control over how many SAF offsets versus verified offsets they want to buy.

The SAF on the CO2llaborate platform comes from the Phillips 66 plant in Humberside, which uses used cooking oil as its feedstock. Compared to traditional jet fuel made from fossil fuels, the SAF has over 80% less lifecycle emissions. As part of its long-term partnership with Phillips 66, British Airways gets the SAF regularly through an existing pipeline that goes straight to London Heathrow.

Customers can use the airline's free Wi-Fi to get to the CO2llaborate platform from their seat during their flight, or they can visit the CO2llaborate platform on at any time before or after their flight.

Customers can figure out their carbon footprint and choose to buy SAF or carbon offsets to support high-quality carbon mitigation projects, such as a rainforest protection project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and an energy-efficient cookstove project in Nigeria. These projects are in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Customers will be able to choose how much SAF or verified carbon offsets they want to invest in by choosing any percentage of carbon offsets with sustainable aviation fuel. This will give them more control over where their climate contribution goes.

As a first for British Airways' business customers, the CO2llaborate platform will also offer a dedicated climate programme for companies to measure, reduce, and manage the carbon emissions caused by their business travel. 

Corporate customers will get access to a dashboard that shows the CO2 emissions generated from their business travel and will receive monthly emissions reports. Then, companies will be able to choose how to deal with their carbon emissions by choosing specific climate solutions like buying SAF or giving money to certified carbon offset projects. The platform lets users keep track of their climate impact over time and report on it. It also lets them learn about the climate solutions they are helping to support. 

Carrie Harris, Director of Sustainability at British Airways, said:

“We know that many of our customers want to fly with sustainability in mind, and while we work on delivering our own short-, medium- and long-term initiatives to achieve net zero emissions by 2050, we know many of our customers want to take action today too. This new CO2llaborate platform gives our customers even more power to make environmentally friendly decisions when they fly with us. We look forward to working with CHOOOSE to evolve the platform as we continue to drive the decarbonisation of our industry.”

Andreas Slettvoll, CEO and Founder of CHOOOSE™ said:

"Partnering with British Airways is a real step forward in bringing climate solutions to both leisure and business travellers." British Airways has always been a north star to us in innovation in the airline industry and we are proud to support them in their relentless work on their most important journey yet, their journey to net zero.”

The partnership will help travellers all over the world learn more about their carbon emissions from flying and help them make better travel decisions. Learn more about British Airways’ climate platform CO2llaborate for individuals here. For corporate customers, the climate platform is available here.

Source: British Airways

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