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Brett Martin, a leading European plastic sheet material manufacturer, proudly introduces its newest sustainable semi-finished plastic sheet to the market.

Foamalux Light Bio is a low-carbon, high-quality substrate made with 25% bio-attributed PVC derived from wood-based residue originating from the sustainable forestry industry. This process, along with 100% renewable energy-powered production, reduces carbon emissions in the finished sheet by 20% and provides a fantastic solution to brands that seek to meet sustainability objectives.

International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) standards are adhered to throughout the supply chain, utilising the mass balance approach, guaranteeing that every step meets traceability criteria and minimises any possible negative environmental impacts.

A Sustainable Future

As part of its sustainability strategy, Brett Martin measures and aims to reduce the impact of business operations, and in 2022, Planet Mark certification was achieved based on the commitment to continuous improvement in sustainability by measuring and reducing its carbon footprint.

Brett Martin’s dedication to achieving net zero emissions is evident through renewable energy infrastructure. With a 2.3MWP wind turbine towering at 99.5 meters on-site, and a 6.42MWp solar farm nearby, Brett Martin can quietly generate green energy, resulting in a savings of over 900 tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

Speaking on the launch of this new product and the growth of the low carbon range, Sales Director Ian Noble commented, “I’m absolutely thrilled to be bringing Foamalux Light Bio to the market. With a 20% reduction in carbon emissions, this product showcases Brett Martin’s continued investment and commitment to providing high-quality, low-carbon, sustainably manufactured semi-finished plastic substrates. Made with 25% bio-circular attributed PVC, Foamalux Light Bio provides a bright white, smooth printing surface as a perfect solution for sustainability-conscious printers, routers, and fabricators. Foamalux Light Bio harnesses the same qualities as traditional Foamalux Light but with a 20% lower carbon footprint.”

Sustainable PVC Options

As carbon footprint becomes a more prevalent deciding factor for brands, Brett Martin’s approach ensures that low carbon, practical, and versatile product can be delivered without compromising on quality. This new Foamlux Light Bio PVC sheet joins a range of similar eco-friendly products, including Marlon BioPlus, Marpet-g FS Eco, Marcryl FS Eco, Foamalux Eco, and Foamalux Xtra.

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