BlueInvest Highlights Sustainable Ocean Investments

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On the occasion of BlueInvest Day 2023, the European Commission is releasing a fresh investor report that highlights investment opportunities and activities in the EU's blue economy for investors.

In addition, the report showcases cutting-edge technologies and a selection of investment-ready companies in 10 sectors of the sustainable blue economy, sourced from the BlueInvest pipeline.

It forms part of an investor capacity-building programme designed to guide investors through every step of the process, from identifying sector opportunities to creating their financial products and investment strategies.

The report aims to increase private investment in clean tech for the blue economy, which includes innovative solutions that can combat climate change and align with the goals of the EU Green Deal.


Investors across all sectors of the blue economy are increasingly interested in the projected growth of the ocean economy in the next decade. According to a survey of 87 investors, 76 of them plan to invest an average of €124.5 million in the blue economy by 2030, driven by innovation, impact, and sustainability.

However, despite this positive trend, some obstacles remain, including a significant financing gap for start-ups and SMEs in the blue economy.

Respondents cited high risk perceptions, a shortage of investment-grade projects at scale, as well as their own lack of awareness and technical knowledge of the emerging blue economy sectors and specific investment opportunities.

A clear analysis of investment opportunities

The investor report plays a significant role in filling the knowledge gap by providing a comprehensive analysis of investment opportunities, available financial products, and potential investment strategies.

It outlines specific investment opportunities and showcases key innovations and technologies across 10 sectors. The report also features a selection of companies from the BlueInvest pipeline, which highlights innovative projects and entrepreneurs who are contributing to the development of the blue economy.

Furthermore, in the coming months, the report will be expanded to include a more in-depth market analysis for each sector.

Clean tech: an ocean of opportunities

Clean tech investments have doubled in value between 2020 and 2021, indicating significant potential for early investors to reap rewards. As new clean tech products and services emerge in various sectors of the blue economy, they are expected to become increasingly attractive to investors. Notably, blue renewable energy, water management, and blue biotechnology are highlighted as particularly attractive investment opportunities.

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Source: European Commission


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