BCG Establishes Climate & Sustainability Policy Center

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Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a top management consulting firm, has launched its global Center for Climate & Sustainability Policy & Regulation.

The center will assist clients in navigating and shaping the transition to a net-zero, nature-positive world. With a team of sector- and technology-specific policy and regulation experts, the virtual Center leverages BCG's extensive experience in aiding companies, governments, and multilateral organisations to expedite their climate and sustainability initiatives.

"Governments are putting in place the policies and regulations they need to meet their global climate goals, which is changing the competitive landscape for corporations and investors," said Sylvain Santamarta, managing director and senior partner at BCG and lead for Climate & Sustainability Transformations. "Many companies know how important it is to put policies into place, but they struggle with the uncertainty and possible effects that come with it as the energy transition speeds up."

The Center aims to offer clients a comprehensive solution by serving as a single point of contact, providing them with unified guidance on the effects of climate and sustainability policies and regulations worldwide. With industry and functional experts working in cross-functional teams, the Center intends to assist clients in defining and implementing the necessary business changes to gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

“Current policy and regulation are only the tip of the iceberg,” said Hubi Meinecke, managing director and senior partner, and BCG’s global head of Climate and Sustainability. “Much more is on the horizon as governments work to close the gap between our current path to 2.7°C and the global goal of 1.5°C.”

“From the Inflation Reduction Act in the US to the EU Green Taxonomy, companies face a proliferation of policy opportunities and regulatory requirements, and many are not set up to comply efficiently and effectively,” said Matteo Coppola, managing director and senior partner, and BCG’s global head of Risk and Compliance. “The creation of this center represents a natural evolution in the expertise BCG has been building organically across the business in expectation of this acceleration in demand from clients. Our expertise is integrated with our sector experts to ensure it’s focused on practical implications and practical responses. We believe these changes will be transformative, not incremental. Clients need advice that leads to strategic advice and business transformation—not simply incremental compliance.”

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For more information on BCG’s Center for Climate & Sustainability Policy & Regulation, please contact [email protected].


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