Avantor® Debuts Responsible Supplier Programme

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Avantor, Inc., a leading provider of vital products and services to the life sciences, advanced technologies, and applied materials industries, has announced the global launch of its Responsible Supplier Programme.

The programme aims to minimise environmental impact and promote sustainable practices throughout the supply chain.

Following a successful pilot phase with select supplier partners in 2022, Avantor has now expanded the programme. It focuses on six key priorities: climate change, deforestation, human rights, responsible packaging, waste management, and water conservation. These priorities were chosen based on their relevance to Avantor and its suppliers, fostering collaboration in identifying sustainability challenges and solutions.

Sheri Lewis, EVP of Global Supply Chain Operations at Avantor, emphasised the significance of supplier relationships in their business. "Improving sustainability across the supply chain aligns with our long-term goals,"

She said Avantor acknowledges the need for a customised approach, evaluating each supplier's capabilities and requirements to find ways to enhance sustainability collectively.

Avantor's Responsible Supplier Programme is structured around Performance, Collaboration, and Recognition.

Performance involves assessing suppliers' sustainability progress by collecting and analysing relevant data. Avantor has partnered with the EcoVadis® and Kodiak Hub platforms for this purpose.

Collaboration entails working closely with suppliers to identify and implement solutions for current and future sustainability challenges. Together, Avantor and its suppliers will prioritise opportunities to enhance sustainability and actively share successful sustainability solutions.

Recognition involves acknowledging suppliers for outstanding sustainability performance and collaboration. Criteria for recognition will be established following the collection of performance data.

In its 2023 Sustainability Report, Avantor highlighted achievements in responsible business practices. Notably, the company introduced a new packaging system at two distribution plants, resulting in the elimination of over 18,000 pounds of packaging and 60,000 pounds of filler material in 2022.

Additionally, Avantor became a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact in spring 2023 and committed to set emissions reduction targets aligned with climate science through the Science Based Targets initiative.

For more information about Avantor's Responsible Supplier Programme, please visit https://www.avantorsciences.com/pages/en/responsible-supplier-programme.

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