Autel Energy's EVergreen Initiative Drives ESG

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KnowESG_Autel Energy's EVergreen Initiative Drives ESG
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Autel Energy, a leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging, is branching out with its new "EVergreen" global tree planting programme.

This initiative reflects Autel's commitment to its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals and strengthens collaboration for a greener future.

Beyond Charging Stations, A Greener Commitment

Their manufacturing plants across the US, Vietnam, and China prioritise eco-friendly practices, minimising environmental impact. From efficient facilities that do not need air purifiers to using recyclable packaging and designing durable products, Autel is thinking long-term.

Their community focus is clear, too. During the pandemic, Autel donated crucial testing equipment, and in 2022, they partnered with the Greening of Detroit for a tree-planting project.

Full Speed Ahead on Net Zero

Autel's "green DNA" shows their ambitious goal of achieving Full Cycle Net Zero by 2035. This means considering their entire supply chain – upstream and downstream. They have already set impressive milestones: significant emissions reductions starting in 2023, a carbon-neutral internal footprint by 2028, and ultimately, Net Zero by 2035.

A Greener Future for All

For Autel, intelligent charging solutions are just the beginning. They envision a future powered by renewable energy and sustainable living for generations to come. Looking ahead, they will continue using technology to improve the environment, exploring new materials, and developing even better charging tech.

Autel recognises their responsibility as an industry leader and wants to work with partners and communities to create a lasting legacy of environmental protection.

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Source: Autel Energy


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