Aussie Retailers Adopt Plastic-Free Produce Packaging

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KnowESG_Aussie Retailers Adopt Plastic-Free Produce Packaging
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Embrace a plastic-free future with the revolutionary arrival of LUV Produce, empowering conscientious consumers to bid farewell to plastic packaging once and for all!

Emerging from the esteemed heritage of the Just Onions brand, LUV Produce is a fresh endeavour offering an array of premium Australian Brown Onions, Red Onions, Lemons, Limes, Mandarins, Potatoes, and Avocados.

Notably, this brand spearheads a transformative shift by becoming one of the pioneers in delivering Australian supermarket produce in packaging that is entirely recyclable.

Paul Williamson, the visionary leader and CEO of LUV Produce, remarked, "With our three decades of expertise in food packaging, we recognised a golden opportunity to introduce superior, locally sourced produce to supermarket shelves while upholding our commitment to minimise plastic waste."

Months of dedicated effort and resources were invested by the LUV Produce team to craft these cutting-edge, fully recyclable cartons, ensuring the optimal freshness of the contents within.

Williamson exclaimed, "We are exultant to offer environmentally-conscious consumers an eco-friendly alternative, with the aspiration to catalyse a novel era of innovative, sustainable packaging solutions across the industry."

LUV Produce's cartons, constructed from cardboard sourced from sustainable forests, are not only fully recyclable but also engineered with a ventilation system that effectively curbs moisture accumulation. This innovative approach guarantees that LUV Produce retains its peak freshness for extended periods.

Furthermore, the days of wayward fruits and vegetables are over, thanks to cleverly positioned perforations in the cartons that transform them into stackable, space-efficient storage units.

Williamson emphasised, "Through this pivotal shift to forward-thinking packaging, our enterprise anticipates an annual reduction of two million kilograms in plastic waste. The impact of a small business in Geelong undertaking such a transformation is compelling, igniting contemplation about the revolutionary changes feasible if the entire retail sector embraces sustainable packaging."

Remaining unwavering in their commitment, LUV Produce adheres to a stringent policy of exclusively sourcing Australian-grown produce from the nation's most esteemed fruit and vegetable cultivators. Every carton of LUV Produce bears a unique code, enabling meticulous tracking back to the precise farm and batch that nurtured the product.

Cory Kent, the Managing Partner of LUV Produce, affirmed the brand's strong ties with its growers, some spanning over two decades.

Kent revealed, "Our relationships with these growers are deeply ingrained, with several transitioning to the next generation. Many of the sons and daughters of our original farming partners are now part of this journey."

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