Asia's First Carbon-Neutral Cage-Free Egg by CP Foods

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Promoting both eco-friendly consumption and animal welfare, Charoen Pokphand Foods Plc (CP Foods) has introduced an innovative carbon-neutral cage-free egg, a pioneering move in Asia.

This groundbreaking product is certified by the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation (TGO) and reflects CP Foods' unwavering commitment to reducing its environmental footprint.

Leading CP Foods' egg division, Somkid Wannalukkhee, underscored the company's dedication to producing sustainable, low-carbon food products. CP Foods has demonstrated its innovation in the egg sector by introducing automated egg conveyors to minimise food loss in accordance with UN Food and Agriculture Organisation guidelines.

Additionally, the company repurposes eggshells efficiently and has transitioned its layer farms and egg production operations to sustainable energy sources like solar panels and biogas systems.

"This forward-looking initiative not only expands the availability of low-carbon food choices but also caters to conscious consumers who prioritise animal welfare and environmentally-friendly sourcing." This multifaceted approach resulted in the Carbon Footprint Reduction Label or Global Warming Reduction Label being granted to a diverse range of 23 fresh egg varieties and cage-free egg options last year. A standout achievement among these is CP Foods' U Farm brand, which proudly introduced the "carbon-neutral cage-free egg" in Asia.

Somkid reiterated that carbon-neutral cage-free eggs offer more than just superior nutrition; they provide ethical consumers with the opportunity to select humane and eco-conscious alternatives.

U Farm earned the prestigious Global Warming Reduction label from TGO last year and has since taken further steps to offset residual emissions by purchasing carbon credits this year.

CP Foods' labelled products have successfully achieved an impressive 30% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to the industry average, according to Somkid. "In the previous year, CP Foods' range of 23 global warming reduction egg products contributed to a significant decrease of 617,000 tonnes in CO2 equivalence."

CP Foods also clarified that their cage-free eggs originate from specialised breeding layer hens. These hens are raised in secure, cage-free environments within enclosed hen houses, adhering to global standards and carrying certification from Thailand's Department of Livestock Development.

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