Are We Doing Enough to Save Our Environment?

Published on: 26 May 2022 07:00 AM
by KnowESG

The threat of climate change is serious. Our planet is slowly perishing. We are all accountable for it in some manner, whether we like it or not. Nothing will change unless we make the necessary corrections. It's not simply about marching, having dialogues, coming up with catchy slogans, or becoming famous around the world by raising one's voice.

For years, the world has been excessively consuming fossil fuels, resulting in deforestation, animal slaughter for sport, and damage to ocean life. Almost no thought has been given to the negative consequences of these actions.

As a result, the world's temperature is rapidly approaching 1.5 degrees Celsius, glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, deforestation is still occurring, and the use of fossil fuels is increasing, among other things.

Scientists have previously warned that unless we make adjustments, we will face disaster in the end. However, we are now devoting all of our efforts to combating our "so-called" enemies. It is high time we had realised who the real enemy is.

Climate change conferences, Earth Day marches, and other events are now held around the world to discuss how to save the planet. However, only a meagre amount of work is being done. Saving our planet will become impossible if we do not act immediately.

Every individual's involvement is critical to the success of any climate change strategy. It might be as simple as planting a tree. Even major changes, such as avoiding the use of fossil fuels, can help. You can use electric vehicles or clean energy for a variety of purposes. anything is possible if we all work together and stay on track. Let us all do our part to help it.

Source: Wion

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