APC Elevates Sustainability, Launches Glass Refill Jar

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KnowESG_APC Elevates Sustainability, Introduces Glass Refill Jar
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APC Packaging continues its trailblazing journey in the realm of sustainable packaging solutions with the introduction of its latest breakthrough innovation: the Glass Refillable Jar (JRGP).

Building upon the resounding success of the previously launched double-walled glass jar (JGP) in February 2023, APC Packaging proudly unveils an enhanced iteration replete with additional sustainability features. This new rendition solidifies its status as the preferred choice for skincare and beauty brands across the globe.

Meticulously crafted with a focus on environmental well-being and utilising eco-conscious materials, the double-walled glass jar underscores APC Packaging's unwavering dedication to ecological harmony.

The outer jar, hewn from top-tier, resilient glass, imparts an air of refinement and substance. Harmoniously complementing this is a customisable inner jar and cap fabricated from PP, which can seamlessly incorporate PCR (post-consumer recycled material), thereby further amplifying the packaging's practicality and eco-friendliness.

A defining hallmark of the JRGP jar lies in its ingenious refillable capability, a feature that deeply resonates with conscientious consumers and brands with a strong environmental ethos.

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APC Packaging profoundly acknowledges the significance of aligning brand values with packaging choices. In that spirit, the JRGP jar opens a realm of boundless creative avenues, allowing for limitless decorative permutations. This empowers you to authentically articulate your brand's core identity while fulfilling your sustainability imperatives.

Boasting a generous 50ml capacity, the Glass Refillable Jar proves to be an ideal vessel for an array of skincare and beauty products.

To enhance the experience and foster personalisation, APC Packaging offers an intuitive website equipped with an innovative 3D designer. This transformative tool places the power of customisation in your hands, facilitating the creation of a bespoke glass refillable jar that seamlessly integrates your logo, thus culminating in a packaging solution that mirrors your brand's singular essence.

By opting for APC Packaging's Glass Refillable Jar, you not only elevate the presentation and allure of your product but also play an instrumental role in shaping a more sustainable future.

This conscious choice embodies your brand's steadfast commitment to eco-conscious practices and environmental stewardship, casting a luminous spotlight on your brand's dedication to responsible business endeavours.

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Source: APC Packaging


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