Alstom to Demonstrate the Importance of Rail in Global Decarbonisation Efforts at COP27

Published on: 27 October 2022
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The world’s eyes will soon be on Sharm el Sheik in Egypt as delegates from across the globe convene for the COP27 conference.

During the second week of the conference, Alstom will participate in transport-focused events with other inspiring changemakers, where meaningful discussions about sustainable mobility and the importance of women’s roles in transforming and decarbonising transport will take place.

Cécile Texier, vice president for sustainability and CSR at Alstom, said:

“Strong investment in rail will enable the decarbonisation of transport, in addition to many other benefits essential to sustainable development, such as equal access to transport, social progress, and economic development.

“Transport accounts for more than a quarter of global energy consumption; it is one of the human activities that continues to cause C02 emissions to rise. COP27 is an opportunity for Alstom to showcase its commitment to support Net Zero mobility by building innovative, sustainable solutions with a lower carbon footprint while actively contributing to public debates on sustainable development policies.”

Alstom will promote the critical role public transport, specifically, rail mobility solutions will play in any country’s sustainable development efforts to address climate change issues.

Moreover, Alstom in collaboration with Ernst & Young (EY) will publish a position paper as a contribution to COP27, on how urban rail transport is critical for Africa to address its sustainability needs, demonstrating its environmental, social, and economic benefits for Africa’s growing cities.

Source: Rail Business Daily

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