Alfa Laval Partners with Boliden to Cut Carbon

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Alfa Laval has partnered with Boliden, a Swedish mining and smelting company, to produce heat exchangers using Low-Carbon copper.

By 2023, the aim is to have the initial Boliden copper-made heat exchanger ready. The collaboration will help Alfa Laval reduce the carbon footprint of their heat exchangers as part of their multi-channel strategy to attain carbon neutrality by 2030.

Tom Erixon, CEO and President of Alfa Laval, states that it's crucial to find partnerships that align with the company's sustainability goals to drive the transition to a more sustainable society. He adds that by combining Boliden's copper with Alfa Laval's energy-efficient heat exchangers, they can support the industry's move towards net-zero emissions.

Alfa Laval's partnership with Boliden forms part of its strategic plan to lessen the environmental impact of raw materials. Boliden's Low-Carbon copper, obtained from clean energy and a combination of mined copper in Northern Sweden and recycled material, has one of the lowest carbon footprints among refined copper globally.

Alfa Laval will primarily use this copper in their brazed heat exchangers for various applications such as heating, cooling, evaporation, and condensing, including heat pumps. The use of Boliden's copper will help reduce the heat exchangers' carbon footprint in comparison to other alternatives.

Mikael Staffas, CEO of Boliden, states that their Green Transition Metals are among the most sustainable options in the market, creating a foundation for Europe's climate transition. He emphasises the importance of taking action today to enable tomorrow's society. Alfa Laval is taking advantage of the availability of its offering and leading the industry, according to Staffas.

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Source: Alfa Laval


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