Aemetis Gets Permit for 90M Gallon SAF/RD Plant in CA

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KnowESG_Aemetis Gets Permit for 90M Gallon SAF/RD Plant in CA
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Aemetis, Inc., a prominent player in the renewable natural gas and renewable fuels sector, with a strong focus on developing products with negative carbon intensity, has received a green light from the City of Riverbank to commence construction on a state-of-the-art sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and renewable diesel (RD) plant.

This groundbreaking facility, set to produce a staggering 90 million gallons per year, will find its home within the expansive 125-acre Riverbank Industrial Complex, located in Riverbank, California.

The Riverbank Industrial Complex, formerly a U.S. Army ammunition production site, is transforming into a hub for business and industrial activities, aligning with the federal Base Realignment and Closure programme.

The City of Riverbank, in its pursuit of a greener and more sustainable future, has found a steadfast partner in Aemetis, as aptly noted by Mayor Richard O’Brien: "For many years, we sought out a green company to lead us into the future, and we found Aemetis. Thank you to Aemetis for being the type of company that you are and for doing such a great job at the Riverbank site, which has already created new local jobs in the green economy," shared Council member Darlene Barber-Martinez.

Notably, the City of Riverbank takes on the pivotal role of the lead agency in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for Aemetis’ SAF/RD plant.

The approval granted by the Riverbank City Council encompasses the crucial CEQA determinations that will facilitate the issuance of the remaining permits needed to realise this ambitious project.

As Eric McAfee, Chairman and CEO of Aemetis, pointed out, "Aemetis continues to complete major milestones in our Five-Year Plan. This Use Permit and CEQA approval for the Riverbank sustainable aviation fuel and renewable diesel plant is the result of years of engineering and environmental work with the City and several government agencies, allowing us to finalise additional key permits in the next few months."

Aemetis has secured impressive contracts, totalling $3.8 billion, for the supply of sustainable aviation fuel to major airlines, along with a $3.2 billion renewable diesel supply contract with a national chain of travel stops.

The production facility, projected to yield an astounding 90 million gallons annually, represents a substantial investment of approximately $500 million and is set to generate over 800 jobs during the construction phase, followed by an estimated 650 permanent direct and indirect employment opportunities.

Renewable diesel, an integral component of sustainable transportation, contributes to a significant reduction in particulate emissions, exceeding a remarkable 90% reduction when compared to traditional petroleum diesel.

Additionally, it fosters the growth of agricultural feedstocks and leverages waste byproducts to fuel renewable energy production facilities. Meanwhile, sustainable aviation fuel, sourced from waste feedstocks, is a potent tool for curbing carbon emissions, boasting an impressive 80% reduction when contrasted with petroleum jet fuel. This directly combats greenhouse gas emissions, thereby mitigating their contribution to climate change.

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