Acciona, Qwello Launch EV Charging in Alcobendas

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ACCIONA Energía and Qwello recently revealed their inaugural EV charging points in Alcobendas (Madrid).

The Mayor of Alcobendas, Aitor Retolaza Izpizua, ACCIONA Recarga CEO Fernando Moliner, and joint venture CEO Carlos Vázquez were among the guests who joined ACCIONA Energía and Qwello's presentation event held at Plaza del Pueblo's EV charging point.

Three 22kW public EV charging points have been set up by ACCIONA Energía and Qwello. The joint venture established by the two firms in September 2022 will manage the charging stations' upkeep, customer service, and operation.

The charging stations are located at three key sites in Alcobendas to ensure maximum accessibility for the public: near the Heron Diversia Shopping Center, in front of the Miguel Delibes Cultural Center, and beside the Town Square in the town centre.

"ACCIONA Energía's commitment to the EV charging business remains strong," stated Fernando Moliner, CEO of ACCIONA Recarga. "Thanks to our strategic alliance with Qwello, we can expand our reach in the charging market, speed up EV deployment, and aid Spain's mobility decarbonisation efforts."

ACCIONA Energía debuted in the EV charging sector in late 2021 with the development, operation, and maintenance of fast and ultra-fast charging stations located along the primary interurban corridors, handled by ACCIONA Recarga. The corporation diversified its charging point portfolio by teaming up with Qwello in September 2022, promoting the creation of public EV charging stations in Spanish urban areas.

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