46.5 Tonnes of Waste Collected by Mint 400 Cleanup

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Image of 200+ volunteers who helped remove 46.5 tonnes of trash from the desert outside Las Vegas through the Mint 400 Desert Cleanup.

Republic Services and The Mint 400 Off-Road Race partnered in 2017 to launch their first-ever "Dash for Trash" event. The initiative aimed to eradicate illegally dumped waste from the Mojave Desert, which is the location of The Mint 400 racecourse, and encourage environmentally conscious and ethical outdoor activities.

In the first year, almost 150 volunteers assisted in removing 14.5 tonnes of waste. The event's positive impact and the volunteers' enthusiasm prompted Republic Services and The Mint 400 to make the cleanup an annual event. The cleanup has since become known as the unofficial beginning of The Mint 400 race week.

During the 2023 Mint 400 Desert Cleanup, Republic Services presented a record-breaking removal of 46.5 tonnes of waste with the help of nearly 250 volunteers. Over seven years, countless volunteers have combined their efforts and eliminated a total of 187.87 tonnes or 375,740 pounds of waste. Their actions have helped keep public lands open, accessible, and free of waste.

“Republic Services is committed to helping keep our planet clean,” said Republic Services Sustainability Ambassador Jeremy Walters. “We value our partnership with The Mint 400 and thank our volunteers for their time and dedication over the past seven years. We have a responsibility to leave nature better than we found it, and removing more than 375,000 pounds of trash from some of the toughest terrains in the Mojave Desert is an inspiring feat.”

Republic Services and The Mint 400 have discovered a distinctive approach to instilling environmental responsibility in the recreational crowd, who are frequently misidentified as the source of the problem that the cleanup strives to solve.

Source: Republic Services

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