EU and US Announce Association to Bolster Data Transfer and Protection, Microsoft Takes Part in Agreement

Published on:
by KnowESG

The US government and the European Commission have recently agreed to work on an agreement to control data transfer and protection. The court of justice of the European Union invalidated the original Privacy Shield framework in 2020, and the new Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework will address the concerns of the court, rebuild and strengthen the data protection bridge between the EU and the US.

Microsoft is committed to doing its part and has appreciated the EU and the US government for achieving this significant milestone. The company extended its support to the new measures and ensured that the framework's fundamental privacy protections were realised.

It will embrace the new framework and meet all requirements this framework sketches for companies. It will improve handling legal requests for customer data and support individuals concerned about their rights.

Microsoft will make sure that the demand from the US government complies with the Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy and Security Framework. If the demand is not compliant, it will use all lawful means to challenge it.

The tech giant, under the agreement, will extend support to the redress process by putting its legal resources to participate in the judicial review of someone's claim of harm related to its public sector and commercial cloud services.

The new commitments will enhance the company's existing Defending Your Data protections.


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