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Start Date : 30 April 2024
Building an ESG strategy by Speeki

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Building an ESG strategy

The benefits of a well-crafted ESG strategy

In today's dynamic business landscape, integrating ESG considerations is essential for organisations aiming to thrive and remain competitive. A well-crafted ESG strategy not only drives responsible business practices but also establishes trust, attracts investors, fosters resilience, and contributes to a more sustainable and equitable future.

Explore the essential components of building a robust ESG strategy in this interactive live online course.

Key aspects

Learn more about building an ESG strategy, as well as:

  • Best practices for initiating an ESG strategy 

  • Following recognised frameworks to ensure comprehensive implementation of your ESG strategy 

  • Strategies for securing buy-in from stakeholders and engaging with your board 

  • Conducting a rigorous materiality risk assessment for informed decision-making 

  • Effective stakeholder engagement techniques to foster sustainable partnerships that support your ESG strategy 

  • Navigating the complexities of reporting and external filings to showcase the progress of your ESG strategy.

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For whom

  • Companies starting out on their ESG journey or looking to reboot a stalled ESG strategy

  • Companies looking to learn as much about ESG strategy as possible in a short timeframe

  • Individuals managing ESG for the first time

  • Individuals who currently support ESG and are looking to move into ESG.

More about the course

This session will include a presentation as well as some practical examples built on a fictional company scenario. Participants will gain valuable insights into building an ESG strategy through a combination of theoretical frameworks and real-world applications.

After completion of the course, participants will receive a certificate confirming the acquired knowledge of building an ESG strategy.

Join us for our two-hour live online course, where one of our expert trainers will give practical advice on how to develop a robust and impactful ESG strategy tailored to your organisation's unique goals and values.

Explore the advantages of our live courses, where you can actively participate by asking questions, networking, engaging with speakers and fostering productive dialogue for your professional development.

Learn more about ESG and Sustainability 

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