COP27: Global Battery Alliance Announces New Board

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In conjunction with the COP27 climate summit, the Global Battery Alliance (GBA) announced the appointment of a new Board of Directors.

The GBA is a multi-stakeholder organisation that wants to create sustainable battery value chains by 2030. The new 20-member Board includes representatives from the entire global battery value chain, including large international companies in the automotive, technology, chemical, and mining industries, as well as the public and non-governmental sectors. The appointment is effective from April 2023 and the term will run until December 2024.

Batteries are the key to making the world green. During several high-level talks at COP27, the pivotal role sustainable battery value chains play in meeting the Paris Agreement goals for electrifying the transportation and power sectors was brought up.

The GBA wants to make sure that the value chain is responsible, sustainable, and circular by 2030. This is shown by the new board. The GBA knows how important it is to have a strong board, leaders who are committed, and everyone working together to address and reduce ESG risks across the battery value chain.

The Board will focus on making progress on the GBA's main project, the Battery Passport, and expanding its work on circularity and critical minerals. On "Solutions Day" at COP27, these were brought up by the UNFCCC as part of the GBA's role as a leading initiative to help make sustainable supply chains before COP28.

Benedikt Sobotka, CEO of Eurasian Resources Group and Co-Chair of the Global Battery Alliance, said, "We are thrilled to welcome the new members of our Board of Directors. They will be very important in giving the GBA strategic direction and making sure that our efforts to set up a sustainable battery value chain continue to be global and collaborative. We look forward to continuing our important work on promoting environmental sustainability, safeguarding human rights, and rolling out the GBA’s Battery Passport over the next couple of years.”

Inga Petersen, Executive Director of the Global Battery Alliance, said: “To mark the end of COP27, it is my pleasure to welcome both new and existing members to our Board of Directors. Companies from the entire battery chain are represented on the new board, as well as key public sector organisations and NGOs. Batteries are a hugely important technology in the net-zero transition. The GBA’s new board aims to provide the committed leadership that is needed to ensure the production of these batteries is scaled up responsibly.”

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Source: GBA


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