COP27: Forgotten, Or A Lost Cause?

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by Syrine Zghal

Today we started our day by animating our social media, and publishing the newest articles our team spent time and patience on. Scrolling down…one, two, three posts. We are at the tenth post now and there is still no sign of the most awaited conference of the year, COP27. 

We cannot stop wondering, "Where has everyone gone?"

Even while there are news stories regarding COP27, they are superficial and undoubtedly fall short of expectations, especially for a conference that poses a threat to all of humanity. Perhaps nothing at all happened. More than one of the opinion pieces we have seen categorically labels COP27 as another attempt at greenwashing. What could be more ironic than the United Nations conference on climate change serving as a front for unethical greenwashing tactics?

COP27 goals: What does the climate conference hope to achieve?

COP27 is the 27th United Nations climate conference, held this year in Sharm-El-Sheikh, Egypt. The objective is to promote the urgency of acting against climate change after the foundation of the action strategy should have been settled during COP26 and through the Paris agreement to meet the 1.5 degree objective.

The prospect of denial in relation to COP27

They could be, after all, mental health is one of the most important factors in our survival and also to combat climate change. Humanity has been exhausted by climate change, which has taken lives and destroyed homes and biodiversity. The hardest aspect is that we are alone to blame, which weighs heavily on our conscience.

Mental health is a topic that is being heavily overlooked in these soon-to-be apocalyptic times. The issue is that what keeps us working on projects, accelerating innovation, and preserving the environment for future generations is motivation, ambition, and optimism. Aside from the fact that they are just as contagious as plagues, depression levels and climate anxiety will simply add to the list of issues that governments must address. While we only hear about how we are losing this battle and how we are not doing enough to preserve ourselves, we are in dire need of tiny victories. Denial is easier to deal with than hopelessness, and the vicious cycle will never cease if nothing is done to improve mental health.


Overlooking the issue: COP27 is not everyone's problem

To say the least, the effects of climate change are unevenly distributed. That is why one of the most pressing concerns at the COP27 meeting is loss and damage reimbursements. If not all countries are experiencing the same effects of climate change, this could explain why some individuals are more concerned than others. If COP26 was about establishing the principles for combating climate change and COP27 was about putting those measures and rules into action, is it not reasonable to believe that it is taking too long to save us from what is occurring and from ourselves?

Is COP27 a lost cause?

Have we already lost all hope regarding the 27th annual climate conference of the United Nations? The published content related to climate change is darker and more negative every day. Content on Twitter is about blaming countries and claiming accountability and there are barely any good statements and motivational content anymore. 

Everyone, from journalists to climate or human rights campaigners, is waiting for just, fair, and definitive judgments in a "wait and see" situation. The necessity of staying committed and the sincerity of the commitment are what matter most.

Even a climate change story needs a positive ending

It is only logical to assume that all decisions—right or wrong—will have an impact on other nations, and that those interminable conversations are necessary. What we can judge is the outcome of the discussions. If they haven't donated much in the past, perhaps the urgency of the situation will influence how dedicated officials from around the world are to climate change. Along with its dedication to preserving the environment and building a sustainable future, there must be that lone glimmer of optimism inspiring everyone—organisations, governments, and individuals—to put things right if humanity is to continue existing.

Syrine Zghal is a copywriter and social media strategist at KnowESG.

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