Wabtec to Highlight Electrification and Sustainable Mining Operations at Bauma 2022

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Wabtec Corporation announced it would highlight its portfolio of integrated mining systems at Bauma, the world's leading trade show for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles, and equipment, held in Munich, Germany, from October 24–30. The company will show how its solutions are making the mining industry more sustainable and better at using electricity.

Wabtec introduced the first commercially viable electric drive system for large mining haul trucks in the early 1960s. Since then, the company has led the industry in the introduction of new technology to improve the mining industry’s key operational metric - material hauled in cost per ton. With the service-proven transmission and electric components, the company is the recognised leader in electric drive systems ranging from 100-400-ton capacity and has delivered more than 10,000 electric drive systems to customers worldwide, which have performed over 1 billion hours of proven operation.

Wabtec's electric drive system technology also saves about 5% of the fuel used by mining trucks that use mechanical drives. Wabtec's electric propulsion and electric accessories are important for getting mining trucks to run on natural gas, trolleys, batteries, or hydrogen fuel cells instead of diesel.

Wabtec will also demonstrate its mining truck pantograph and trolley pole systems. Wabtec’s mining pantographs provide power for open pit mining trucks and are specially designed to help promote high-traction efficiency, low maintenance, and maximum life of parts and overhead wire. Under trolley operation, it is estimated that a Wabtec-powered mining truck could reduce diesel consumption at a mine by over 50 per cent and increase productivity—thereby reducing both cost and greenhouse gas emissions, while improving speed uphill.

Wabtec’s Digital Mine portfolio will also be on display. When advanced software, models, analytics, and solutions are used together, safer mining practices are made possible. This makes the mining ecosystem more efficient and reliable.

The portfolio includes Collision Awareness Systems (CAS), Drill Guidance Solutions (DGS) and Asset Performance Management (APM) and Process Optimisation. These solutions meet customers’ business objectives in a safe, productive, and efficient manner.

Wabtec will show how their presence in the mining industry is continuing to grow. They will also show drive systems, digital mining applications, pantographs, and trolley poles. Wabtec offers cable reels, slip rings, railcar movers, cooling systems and more.

When these solutions are used together, they can give customers a more complete product offering and open up more safety and electrification benefits. Wabtec will also talk about its rail and marine products, many of which may be used in mining in the near future.

Source: Wabtec

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