Verne Global and Ficolo Begin Collaboration on Northern European Data Center Platform

Published on: 18 October 2022
by KnowESG

Verne Global, a company that makes sustainable data centre solutions for high-intensity computing, has announced that Ficolo Oy, which runs three data centres in Finland that are powered by renewable energy, will now run under the Verne Global brand.

Both companies are part of Triple Point’s Digital 9 Infrastructure plc (D9) portfolio of critical digital infrastructure assets and, together, will help meet growing customer demand for sustainable data centre services across multiple locations. 

Ficolo adds 23 MW of data centre capacity to the Verne Global platform. Its three sites in Helsinki (called "the Air"), Pori (called "the Rock"), and Tampere (called "the Deck") have the potential to grow to 90 MW.

All three facilities are powered by renewable sources of energy, including Ficolo's own solar power plant, and any extra heat is sent to district heating networks. 

The company offers colocation and connectivity services, in addition to a range of hybrid cloud services, with customers comprising both domestic and international organisations.

Dominic Ward, CEO, Verne Global, said: 

"Ficolo’s three campuses add significant capacity to the joint Verne Global data centre platform; together – and with D9’s backing – we are in a strong position to satisfy the growing demand for sustainable and predictably priced data centre services, including from the hyperscalers. In addition to being able to offer our customers the choice of four Nordic locations – all built with sustainability at their core – Ficolo’s expertise in hybrid cloud-based infrastructure services enables us to provide organisations with even more flexibility over how their applications are managed and supported.”

Verne Global's data centre platform also includes a campus in Iceland that is powered by renewable energy. By 2023, the campus will have a built-up capacity of 40 MW and could grow to 100 MW or more. It also runs a strategic data centre hub in the City of London that is connected to all of the major network and cloud providers. This makes it the best place for low-latency workloads.

Seppo Ihalainen, CEO and co-founder of Ficolo, said: 

"Working together under one brand will benefit Ficolo’s many international and domestic customers as they can make use of the new platform’s broader portfolio of services offered in Iceland and London. And of course, Verne Global customers can now tap into Ficolo’s offering."

The new expanded Verne Global team will focus on delivering industry-leading customer support. It is also putting in place best practices for engineering design that are consistent across all five locations. This is to help customers reduce their carbon footprint and improve the performance of its operations.

Thor Johnsen, Head of Triple Point’s Digital 9 Infrastructure plc, said: 

"We continue to drive convergence across the D9 portfolio investments, and we will leverage the shared opportunities across our Nordic data centre portfolio. Operating Ficolo under the Verne Global brand is one such step. 

"Offering a range of data centre locations across the Nordics and in our low latency locations in metropolitan areas is driving low-carbon, cost-optimised private cloud and performance computing solutions for our customers. Our holistic approach to the global digital infrastructure landscape is providing us with unique opportunities for further investment and innovative end-to-end solutions for customers which are fully renewable and sustainable.” 

Source: Verne Global

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