UEI Debuts Green Products at IBC 2023

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Universal Electronics Inc. (UEI), the global leader in sensing and control technology for entertainment and smart home devices, is unveiling an array of exciting products and technological innovations with a strong focus on reducing the environmental impact of disposable batteries ending up in landfills each year.

Pioneering Sustainability Solutions

UEI is leading the charge with its next-generation Sustainable Remote, a battery-free remote-control prototype featuring a High-Density PV panel for harnessing ambient light. This innovative approach ensures a more energy-efficient platform that self-recharges using surrounding light, eliminating the need for battery replacement. This not only maximises user convenience but also contributes to a more sustainable future by reducing battery waste.

In addition, UEI introduces Next-Generation Sustainable Materials, replacing traditional silicone rubber with Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) keypads in its battery-free remotes. This switch enhances the sustainability of the product, as TPE is designed for efficient recycling and reuse, unlike silicone rubber, which poses recycling challenges.

UEI's technological prowess also extends to Groundbreaking Energy Savings, where expert technical staff will showcase the remarkable energy harvesting capabilities of their technology. This demonstration highlights the distinct advantages of UEI's groundbreaking technologies, which excel in capturing energy from ambient light and using it to power the low-energy silicon platform integrated into their remote controls.

Award-Winning Innovation

The UEI Eterna XLR Bluetooth voice remote has garnered accolades, earning a nomination for a CSI Award in the 'Best sustainability project or initiative' category at IBC. This remarkable remote employs a High-Density PV panel for ambient light energy harvesting, relies on an Xtreme Low-Power Bluetooth controller, and is crafted from 95% post-consumer-recycled plastics, underlining UEI's commitment to sustainability.

Revolutionary Software Solutions

UEI's software solutions, including QuickSet® Basics and Evolution, demonstrate how features like Automated Setup and One-Touch Viewing enhance consumer convenience while reducing costly service calls for operators. With an extensive device knowledge database supporting nearly 12,000 brands and one million devices, complete interoperability of entertainment devices within a home is assured.

The Smart Home Dashboard, powered by QuickSet®, represents a groundbreaking innovation implemented in commercially available LG Smart TVs with ThinQ AI since 2021. This dashboard empowers users to control a wide range of IoT devices using their remote control, transforming the largest screen in the home into a hub of smart home management.

Introducing SupportView®, a global device management system that enables consumer device manufacturers and service operators to remotely control, maintain, and support Internet-connected digital devices in consumer homes.

SupportView® facilitates remote management of set-top boxes, Smart TVs, and other smart devices, ushering in advanced remote service and diagnostics. This not only reduces the cost of technical support services but also enhances the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

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