UACV Works with ACC Vietnam to Get Green Electricity to its Manufacturing Base

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Asia Clean Capital Vietnam (ACC Vietnam) and Universal Alloy Corporation Vietnam (UACV) have started a 4.3 MWp rooftop solar PV project and signed a power purchase agreement for 15 years.

Under the terms of the agreement, ACC Vietnam will provide UACV with a comprehensive clean energy solution powered by a 4.3 MWp rooftop solar PV system. The PV system is developed and manufactured to fulfil the highest safety standards in a location prone to violent storms and typhoons year after year.

With 7,172 modules installed, the system will generate 5,906.91 MWh and avoid 4,802.3 tonnes of CO2 per year, allowing UACV to offset 27% of its current annual power use.

Trương Hoàng Nguyên, general director of UACV, stated: “At Universal Alloy Corporation Vietnam, we have a vision of achieving net-zero emissions by 2035. Installing the rooftop solar PV system is one of the first major steps that we are implementing in Việt Nam to realise this vision. We want to operate with zero CO2 generation. In addition, Universal Alloy Corporation is recycling 98 per cent of our main raw material, aluminium.”

Universal Alloy Corporation Vietnam was started in 2019. It makes and sells aircraft parts in North America and Europe, with sales of US$11 million in 2021 and $35 million in 2022, with plans to grow to $60 million in 2026 and $90 million in 2028.

All parts made at UACV should pass a strict compliance protocol before they can be sent to markets in North America and Europe.

Also, Asia Clean Capital gives access to its dedicated blockchain platform, powered by Allinfra, which collects verifiable carbon data directly from the source and enables transparent ESG reporting and tokenisation of carbon credits. This is all in response to the growing need for MRV (measurable, recordable, and verifiable) data in the ESG sector.

As the partner of choice for multinationals and large U.S. companies that want to reach net zero, ACCV is committed to providing a complete solution.

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Source: EIN News


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