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Technip Energies and Casale have announced a new collaboration to jointly license oxidative reforming-based technologies, specifically autothermal reforming (ATR) and partial oxidation (POx) technologies, for the blue hydrogen market.

ATR is a process that produces syngas containing hydrogen, CO, and CO2. When combined with carbon capture technology, it becomes cost-effective for low-carbon hydrogen production and is suitable for larger-scale facilities.

As part of this partnership, Technip Energies and Casale will act as co-licensors of the technology and offer a Process Design Package (PDP), proprietary equipment, and complete plants. The ATR-based solution has the potential to achieve a carbon capture rate of up to 99% to decarbonise hydrogen production facilities.

Technip Energies' two centres of excellence for hydrogen, located in Claremont, CA, USA, and Zoetermeer, NL, will collaborate with Casale on the PDP for ATR-based blue hydrogen projects.

Loic Chapuis, SVP Gas & Low Carbon Energies of Technip Energies, stated: "We are excited to announce this partnership with Casale, which will enable us to offer cutting-edge ATR-based solutions for the blue hydrogen market. Leveraging our global leadership in hydrogen, having delivered over 30% of the installed capacity worldwide, along with our proprietary technologies, we are confident in providing advanced and cost-effective solutions to meet our customers' needs. ATR-based solutions will complement Technip Energies' proprietary SMR-based solutions, allowing us to offer a comprehensive range of options in the low-carbon hydrogen market. We look forward to collaborating with Casale to drive innovation and scale up decarbonised hydrogen production."

Federico Zardi, CEO of Casale SA, commented: "We are delighted to enter into this partnership with Technip Energies, a global leader in hydrogen plants. This collaboration has the potential to offer advanced solutions for the world's decarbonisation efforts, leveraging our extensive experience in developing and applying advanced ATR and POx technologies, with several ATR-based mega production units already delivered, combined with Technip Energies' technological expertise in the hydrogen field."

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