STL Pioneers Eco-labelled Optical Products

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STL, a renowned optical and digital solutions firm, has proudly unveiled a pioneering line of Eco-labelled Certified Optical Products, solidifying its position as an industry leader.

This remarkable achievement marks STL as the "world's first" to introduce such environmentally responsible optical solutions. These exceptional optical products have earned recognition from Sphera, a US-based ESG performance consulting services provider, and received validation from Metsims Sustainability Consulting, a prominent global sustainability consulting organisation.

The third-party validation of an ecolabel is of paramount significance, as it bestows credibility and instills trust in the company's environmental assertions. This prestigious third-party certification catapults STL's sustainability endeavours into the upper echelons of environmental stewardship, designating their gold-rated products as unequivocally "Sustainable and Green."

This accomplishment underscores STL's unwavering commitment to genuine sustainable practices, particularly at a time when concerns over greenwashing have become increasingly prevalent.

The Ecolabels conferred upon STL's products, in conformity with ISO 14024 and EU guidelines, are comprehensive and encompass a multitude of distinct environmental criteria, including energy consumption, chemical usage, recycling practices, and more.

Following a rigorous, multi-faceted assessment, STL's products have demonstrated robust performance. In comparison to conventional products, these Eco-labelled offerings:

  • Consume 52% less energy.

  • Contribute to roughly 75% less global warming potential.

  • Incorporate approximately 18% more recycled materials and utilise around 25% more recycled packaging materials and water.

  • Recycle and recover about 20% more waste.

  • Extend the network's lifespan by nearly 13 years.

This significant announcement follows a series of trailblazing sustainability initiatives by STL, including its accomplishments in Zero-Waste to Landfill and Zero Liquid Discharge certifications and its recent commitment to the Science-based Targets initiative (SBTi).

Expressing enthusiasm about STL's comprehensive Eco-label framework, which covers every stage from sourcing to finished products, Akanksha Sharma, Global ESG Head at STL, remarked, "We are unwavering in our commitment to provide our customers with the most sustainable products.

"Our Eco-labelled products, accredited with gold-rated sustainability standards and verified by an external agency, represent a significant stride towards making sustainability an integral and mainstream practice within the industry. This will greatly benefit our customers by empowering them to build more sustainable supply chains and expedite their pursuit of carbon-neutrality goals."

Ankit Agarwal, the Managing Director of STL, expressed his pride in this groundbreaking development, stating, "As we unveil this revolutionary advancement today, I couldn't be prouder. Our Eco-labelled products signify a monumental leap forward in our customers' sustainability journeys and position India at the forefront of tangible sustainability action. I am confident that it will have a ripple effect, fostering sustainable development across the global digital networks industry."

Looking ahead, STL has made a resolute commitment to Eco-label approximately 80% of its optical product range by 2030, aligning with its overarching goal of achieving net-zero emissions. This ambitious commitment underscores STL's dedication to sustainability, promising a brighter, greener future for the industry and the planet.

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Source: STL


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