Saudi Arabia's First Smart City, AlNama, to Go Carbon Neutral

Published on: 02 July 2022
by KnowESG

According to the company responsible for designing the development, the new AlNama smart city in Saudi Arabia would be a zero-carbon community.

Construction Week claimed that the hospitality hub, situated in a 10-square-kilometre region in Riyadh, will generate 10,000 jobs in diverse sectors, including green-tech companies, to create a "green circular economy."

It is anticipated that the project will produce 11,000 residential units and an eventual population of 44,000 people.

ALNAMA will be designed by Dubai's URB, and the firm’s CEO Baharash Bagherian, said:

“AlNama aims to be the next generation of the self-sufficient city, producing all the city’s renewable energy needs, as well as the residents' caloric food intake on site.

“Biosaline agriculture, productive gardens, wadis, and carbon-rich habitats are key features of the development’s innovative and resilient landscape design.

“The city was planned through the design of its landscape, rather than its buildings. This creates urbanism that is more socially inclusive, more economically valuable, and more sensitive to the environment.”

AlNama will contain eco-friendly glamping lodges, eco-resorts, and a wildlife conservation centre to promote ecotourism, while a medical hub will comprise an autism village, wellness centre, and clinics to boost medical tourism.

The green-tech centre will provide an innovative ecosystem for urban-tech firms dealing with food, energy, water, waste, mobility, and construction materials.

Source: Arab News

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