Sanyou, Renewcell to Speed Up Recycled Viscose Fibres

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Renewcell and Tangshan Sanyou, who have been collaborating to make the fashion industry more circular since 2018, revealed their latest effort at the Intertextile Shanghai fair.

Renewcell and Tangshan Sanyou have announced a joint goal of providing Circulose® viscose fibres made from 100% recycled textiles to manufacturers and brands on a commercial scale from 2024. Ekman Group, Renewcell's global trading partner, has facilitated the collaboration between the two companies.

Renewcell's CEO, Patrik Lundström, expressed his happiness with the accelerated partnership with Tangshan Sanyou and their commitment to becoming the first to commercialize 100% Circulose® content fibres. He applauded Sanyou's vision and support for scaling next-generation raw materials like Circulose®.

Following the recent deliveries of 100% recycled textile Circulose® pulp from Renewcell's Renewcell 1 recycling plant, Tangshan Sanyou and Renewcell plan to offer Circulose® viscose fibres made from 100% recycled textiles in commercial quantities by 2024.

Tangshan Sanyou successfully validated the quality of Circulose® in production on its commercial-scale manufacturing lines and will aim to produce commercial volumes of 50% Circulose® content fibres by 2023 before working towards 100% Circulose® content fibres by 2024. The two companies will market the fibres globally under Renewcell's Circulose® brand name.

Mr. Zhang Dongbin, Executive VP of Tangshan Sanyou Chemical Fiber, stated that the collaboration with Renewcell has enabled the use of Circulose® made from recycled cotton in their viscose fibre production, resulting in improved resource utilisation efficiency and a reduced carbon footprint. He emphasised the importance of promoting the concept of circular sustainable fashion, promoting a greener textile industry, and protecting the global environment through sustainable solutions, which is a shared goal.

Circulose® transforms textile waste into new high-quality fashion products, replacing traditional raw materials like cotton, plastic or wood. It's made from 100% textile waste, such as worn-out cotton jeans and cotton scraps, and used to make man-made cellulosic fibres like viscose and lyocell. Renewcell, based in Sweden, produces Circulose® using 100% renewable energy. Since its founding in 2012, Renewcell has been working to make fashion circular. For more information, visit and

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