Saipem's BluenzymeTM: Net Zero CO2 Capture Solution

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Saipem, a trailblazer in cutting-edge engineering solutions, has introduced BluenzymeTM, a pre-engineered series of CO2 capture solutions based on their exclusive enzymatic technology, "CO2 Solutions by SAIPEM."

Leading the charge is BluenzymeTM 200, a ready-to-deploy package tailored for small and medium-sized emitters. This remarkable product packs the power to capture a nominal 200 tonnes of CO2 per day.

The secret behind the magic of BluenzymeTM lies in the "CO2 Solutions by SAIPEM" technology, which harnesses the incredible potential of a non-toxic, non-volatile solvent featuring the carbonic anhydrase enzyme.

Nature's own CO2-capturing catalyst, this enzyme plays a crucial role in organic CO2 exchange during respiration and is found not just in humans but across all living organisms.

Saipem has ingeniously leveraged this natural wonder to develop a high-performance industrial solution for CO2 capture that outshines conventional methods in both environmental impact and cost-effectiveness. This is made possible by the technology's compatibility with recoverable heat from low-temperature sources.

BluenzymeTM emerges as a plug-and-play system meticulously designed for a wide array of industrial sectors, including oil & gas, petrochemicals, energy, and cement production. It's particularly well-suited for the challenging task of decarbonisation in industries aiming for carbon neutrality. The system can be seamlessly integrated into new or existing plants, focusing on post-combustion emissions.

The modular and adaptable nature of BluenzymeTM is a game-changer. Its compact design ensures a hassle-free fit into any plant configuration. The modules are precision-crafted offsite, adhering to standardised production processes and rigorous quality checks before installation onsite.

This approach, coupled with a dedicated supply chain, slashes project execution time, costs, and risks, making BluenzymeTM an economically viable, eco-conscious, and readily available industrial solution.

Fabrizio Botta, Saipem's Chief Commercial Officer, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "We take immense pride in presenting the BluenzymeTM 200 solution to our clients. This off-the-shelf product, underpinned by our proprietary technology, is the fruit of our unwavering commitment to research and development aimed at crafting increasingly adaptable, efficient, and sustainable solutions.

"BluenzymeTM 200 represents a tangible step towards helping companies achieve their ESG goals and edge closer to the vision of a carbon-neutral future, a pursuit Saipem is deeply dedicated to."

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Source: Saipem


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