RoadRunner Recycling Buys Compology to Enhance Sustainable Waste and Recycling

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RoadRunner Recycling, a global pioneer in comprehensive waste management, announced the acquisition of Compology, the world's largest waste and recycling smart metering technology company.

This acquisition strengthens RoadRunner's sustainability solutions by improving data collection, artificial intelligence (AI), and ESG reporting capabilities, allowing the company to advance the modernisation of the waste and recycling industry.

Compology provides world-class waste and recycling metering technology powered by smart cameras and artificial intelligence. Its computer vision technology, which is employed by some of the world's largest businesses, provides transparency and waste intelligence by providing vital data such as how full a dumpster is, what's within it, and when it was last serviced. 

RoadRunner will now offer the most technologically advanced, comprehensive, and sustainable waste management solution for businesses and governments of all sizes looking to seamlessly increase recycling rates, reduce costs, and accurately report on the environmental impact by integrating Compology's waste and recycling smart metering.

Graham Rihn, Founder and CEO of RoadRunner Recycling, said: 

"The future of sustainable waste and recycling management requires smart technology and intelligence. We couldn't be more excited to join forces with Compology, a team that brings industry-leading technology and a shared passion for using data to help businesses increase recycling and operate more sustainably while spending less for better service."

Recycling in the United States is complex, time-consuming, and expensive and lacks openness and accurate statistics. With increasing pressure from investors, regulators, consumers, and employees for accurate ESG disclosures, zero-waste-to-landfill initiatives, and decreased carbon emissions, companies require reliable and data-driven waste and recycling solutions.

Jason Gates, Co-Founder and CEO of Compology, said: 

"Data-driven solutions are essential tools for businesses to achieve their sustainability goals. Combining our platforms is a monumental step toward making cost-effective, sustainable waste management a reality for organisations."

Michael Bevan, Managing Director of BeyondNetZero, General Atlantic's climate investing venture and Series D investor in RoadRunner, said: 

"The systemic transformation needed to tackle climate change will require innovative leaders – like RoadRunner and Compology – to join forces in advancing key climate solutions. We are excited about this acquisition and the ways it will further strengthen RoadRunner's sustainability offerings as the company leverages technology and data analytics to help organisations across North America reduce their carbon emissions."

RoadRunner's mission is to not only deliver the most reliable and affordable waste and recycling management services but also to assist businesses and governments in reducing their environmental impact through the use of cutting-edge technologies.

RoadRunner's tech-enabled recycling solutions have increased recycling rates for customers by an average of tenfold. RoadRunner will have the data capabilities needed to improve recycling rates, cut carbon emissions, and enable accurate ESG reporting by combining Compology's 150 million data points with its current service offering.

RoadRunner more than doubled its staff number this year, with approximately 600 employees and growing. RoadRunner will continue to build its workforce and enter new markets as it incorporates Compology's technology and employees. RoadRunner and Compology will collaborate to provide customers with the most resilient, innovative, and sustainable waste management solutions.

Source: RoadRunner Recycling

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