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Pregis, a leading provider of packaging solutions, introduces a game-changing innovation, the Pregis AirSpeed® Hybrid Cushioning (HC) Renew™ PCR.

This revolutionary product is crafted using an impressive 80 per cent post-consumer recycled (PCR) content, making it the first high-pressure air cushioning film of its kind. Companies aiming to enhance the sustainability of their protective packaging now have an exceptional solution that delivers uncompromising performance.

In today's conscientious consumer landscape, the demand for sustainable packaging options is on the rise. Addressing this need, HC Renew PCR offers an inside-the-box shipping solution that not only meets stringent environmental requirements but also provides the same level of protection and durability as traditional air cushions.

Ryan Wolcott, Chief Sustainability Officer, emphasises the vital role sustainability plays in today's business environment, stating, "At Pregis, we are deeply committed to driving innovation throughout the value chain. Our development of HC Renew PCR showcases this commitment. By offering a circular solution that prolongs the life of plastics, we empower businesses to fulfill their environmental goals without compromising performance or customer experience."

The utilisation of post-consumer recycled content in the HC Renew PCR film ensures that materials that would have otherwise been discarded find purpose, thus closing the recycling loop. This results in reduced landfill waste, energy conservation, and diminished greenhouse gas emissions.

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A life cycle analysis comparing HC Renew PCR to cushioning film made with virgin resin reveals impressive environmental benefits. The PCR variant reduces carbon emissions by 40%, fossil fuel usage by 65%, and water consumption by 70%. The analysis comprehensively evaluates various phases, including materials, manufacturing, and end-of-life considerations.

HC Renew PCR boasts clear sustainability messaging, with 80% PCR branding and a How2Recycle® store drop-off label. These features provide end users with explicit instructions on proper disposal methods, further encouraging responsible recycling practices and minimising landfill waste. With HC Renew PCR, each participant in the supply chain has the opportunity to make sustainable choices and contribute to a greener future.

Designed for cushioning and wrapping applications, HC Renew PCR is fully compatible with the AirSpeed® Ascent™ system. This high-pressure on-demand solution generates HC's patented square-pattern hybrid cushioning, providing increased surface area for superior shock absorption and vibration resistance during transportation. Its exceptional product protection and durability make it an ideal choice for a wide range of markets, including e-commerce retail, third-party logistics (3PL), home goods, beauty and cosmetics, electronics, and nutraceuticals.

To discover more about the innovative HC Renew PCR, please visit the dedicated product page on Pregis's official website.

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Source: Pregis


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