Polygon Buys Caption Data to Improve IoT Services and ExactAire® Offering

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Polygon will acquire Caption Data Limited. Together, they offer ExactAire® solutions for indoor air quality, leak detection, toxic gas monitoring, and energy management. The acquisition strengthens a connection to supply new and effective IoT solutions to clients demanding real-time environmental data and control to accomplish economic, ESG, and IAQ goals.

Caption Data is a UK-based company offering end-to-end industrial IoT solutions across sectors, including construction, energy, and restoration. Caption Data was founded in 2008 that develops advanced IoT solutions for multiple sectors. 

Together with Caption Data and through the brand ExactAire®, Polygon has offered visibility and control as a service. ExactAire® is a complete service offering with connected sensors, state-of-the-art communications, and real-time dashboards for visualization, alarms, and insights.

Axel Gränitz, President & CEO of Polygon Group, said: 

"I am very excited about this opportunity. The acquisition is a key milestone in our digital transformation, which is one of our top priorities. We are already seeing strong traction within this field, and with Caption Data as part of the family, we can improve even further. I am convinced that with our complementary strengths, we will be able to offer unique services that meet the needs of today and those of the future."

Paul Sanders, Managing Director at Caption Data, said: 

"We are looking forward to joining the Polygon Group, we will focus on refining and expanding the ExactAire® offering and at the same time continue to grow our other business. Together with Polygon, we will be able to develop new solutions to support our customers even further."

Caption Data and Polygon have joined forces to offer an industry-leading solution that includes data, engineering experience, and a powerful equipment fleet, giving customers visibility, understanding, and control over their indoor conditions. 

ExactAire® is currently being used on projects in the construction, data centre, health care, food, and industrial manufacturing plants.

Frank Dobosz, Polygon US Country President, said: 

"We have spent over 20 years using remote monitoring and control technologies to solve customer problems. In the last 3 years, we have seen demand for IoT advance quickly and it is being adopted at a higher rate in areas like construction. There is a greater emphasis on early detection and alerting to support healthy buildings, sustainable construction, quality control, and safer built environments. There is no better time to invest in our solutions and our team. I'm excited about the acquisition of Caption Data and what we can achieve together for Polygon and our clients."

Source: PRNewswire

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